Ultimate Seattle Foodie Wedding

I don’t know if I have every planned a wedding that I felt fit a couple more perfectly. Every detail of this day was uniquely curated for Erika + Reese. I am beyond thrilled I was able to be a part of their wedding team.

Picture a warm and welcoming dinner party set on a lawn overlooking the Seattle skyline with endless local beverages. Their minimal style let the stunning views and historic house be the stars of the show. I would consider this a luxurious affair, but not because guests sat amongst ornate decor, in fact this couple kept the decor quite simple. The evening was luxurious because Erika and Reese created a space for their guests to linger and enjoy each other’s company. Their greatest wish was for guests to be present in the moment and share a phenomenal meal.

“Alex made our wedding day exactly what I had pictured (even though a wedding was something we had ever pictured for ourselves).  We wanted a non-traditional, casual, fun day and that was exactly what we got.”