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When I am not planning weddings I am can be found in my kitchen entertaining loved ones. Nothing makes me happier than create an environment for people to truly connect. If I need inspiration, I love to travel and experience other parts of the world – how are people spending time together? What are ways they show appreciation and love? Constant inspiration everywhere I look.


When I have a free weekend you will find me:
In the yoga studio! I am always trying to find time to move, breathe, and reflect on life.

Most memorable Wedding story:
Towards the end of an epic wedding celebration the Father of the Bride came up to me and said Everyone always says you don’t lose a daughter, you gain a son. However, I feel like I gained another daughter and can’t put into words how much I have appreciated having you as part of this wedding planning experience. I’m not a crier, but this moved me to tears. I love becoming a trusted part of the family and cherish my relationships with couple’s that continue for years into their marriage.



Favorite Moment on the Wedding Day:
I don’t always have the opportunity to be present in the morning when everyone is getting ready, but I love being a part of this whenever possible. The energy when everyone is getting ready is palpable and a little more free because not as many people are watching. I adore watching the jitters build and loved ones literally shouting and dancing for joy.

One suggestion on how to make planning Memorable and Fun:
I had a groom last year who wasn’t particularly excited about the planning process. He said the only wayhe would come to all the meetings was if he enjoyed a new Seattle beer every time. I did a little bit of research and we had all of our meetings at a new brewery. If we had to meet for cake tasting or a floral meeting, I prearranged that I could bring along a bottle from a local brewery. At the end, the groom wouldn’t stop talking about how that funny little detail made him look forward to the meetings. This process is supposed to be fun, friends!

Best moment you have ever had working as a wedding planner:
I adore working with couples on their wedding weekend. This always means long hours (HELLO, three 18+ hour days in a row). Nothing is better than going to that last event and realizing I have just spent 3-4 days with these amazing people. I have the chance to be a part of Sunday brunch storytelling with the guests about all the sweet moments from the weekend. These moments can’t be beat.

Dream Location or element you are dying for a couple to ask you to plan:
I manage a lot of guest transportation! I am dying to find a couple that wants to transport their guests TO or FROM the wedding via boat. How awesome would it be to move the guests home at the end of the night via an after party on a boat?

One Piece of Advice for Every couple you meet:
I have lots of tips on how to do that, and can even join in for the meeting so you can see how it’s done.


Hello! I’m available by email or at 425.949.5950

Talk soon!

“I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Madi was for our wedding planner! The day of I was absolutely amazed! She handled EVERY detail going on. As the bride I never saw or heard of one flaw or mishap. I can’t thank Taylor’d Events enough and especially Madi for all her hard work! It’s because of you I got to enjoy my wedding day to its full extent! If I could give them 10 stars I would!”