Brunch Cocktail

Move over Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas…  Here is another option for that lazy Sunday Brunch!  Maybe this is makes an appearance for Easter Brunch.  Thank you BevMo for the recipe, please go see our friends at the Redmond/Overlake BevMo for your wedding beverage needs!

Tasty Brunch Cocktail from BevMo! Thirty Times

Tasty Brunch Cocktail from BevMo! Thirty Times

Nothing is better than a weekend morning with no set wake up time, no agenda, and no reason not to enjoy a delicious brunch cocktail with your breakfast. This drink has the perfect amount of sweetness with a hint of almond, and tastes especially good with omelet dishes and egg casseroles. And if you have the time to make some freshly squeezed orange juice, you may just find a reason to make a Tasty Brunch cocktail a permanent part of your morning menu.

Tasty Brunch Cocktail
3 ounces orange juice
¾ ounce Maraska Kruskovac pear brandy
½ ounce Disaronna almond liqueur
Orange slice garnish

Fill a lowball or rocks glass with ice. Add the orange juice, Disaronna, and Maraska Kruskovac. Stir well, and serve.

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