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Rental Order Best Practices from the Experts at Pedersens Rentals

Rental Order Best Practices: Wedding & event advice from Seattle Wedding Planners Taylor'd Events Group

Event Rentals don’t seem like the most glamorous of topics, but as self-proclaimed “logistics lovers”, rentals are pretty darn important. Not only can they greatly affect the overall look and design of your event, but they sometimes play double-duty and have import execution roles. In the end, all the pretty and necessary appear on a PDF in your inbox with a total due at the bottom. Luckily, Marni Ness and Julie Ralph at Pedersens Rentals are here to help us dissect Rental Order Best Practices and give you some pro-tips on how much to order, when, and why.

1. Do you recommend the quote having enough for my entire invite list or what I think will actually attend? 

We recommend you get a quote ( and even better, RESERVE) what you think your maximum number of guest will be.  This way, you’ll have what you need.  It’s easier to release linens and chairs, then try to get more during the wedding season.

2. Why do you need my final count days (or even weeks) before rentals go out? 

We pack orders & load the trucks the day prior to delivery.  With several trucks on the road in different parts of town we streamline what-goes-where for efficiency.

3. Rentals always seem to have the damage waiver – what is that for? Are there any times that it would be ok to skip it?

I would consider damage waivers like the insurance you get when you rent a car – it covers some things, but not all. I would ask your rental provider, or if you are working with a planner have the planner ask on your behalf. Sometimes it is worth the extra cost, and other times worth skipping it and take the chance. 

One Final Rental Order Best Practice Pro-Tip [from me!]

Sometimes it takes a wee bit of time for new rentals to make it up on the website. Your best bet for the newest products and trendiest items is to ask your planner OR head into the rental company’s showroom if you are planner-less. Be sure to reserve any of those items ASAP. You can usually [ask the rental specialist or your planner] release them at a later date, but they might book up if you wait.

Make the Most of your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial | Straight from the Expert

Straight from the Expert | Make the Most of your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial with Expert Anne Timss | Taylor'd Events Group

Photo: Jamie Jones Photography

‘Tis the season! All the final appointments, little details, and important decisions. We can’t recommend a Wedding Hair and Makeup trial enough. First of all, it lets you see your vision come together and melts away some of the nerves. More importantly, [in our humble opinion] it allows you to make decisions ahead of time and results in less day-of decisions! Last, but not least, you get to meet the person who you are going to see first thing on the day-of your wedding. As we say [over and over again] make sure you love all the people you chose to have around you on your wedding day – including your wedding professionals.

Straight from the Expert Anne Timms - Taylor'd Events Group

Photo: Laura Marchbanks Photography

One of our favorite beauty aficionados, Seattle Makeup Artist Anne Timss took a few moments to answer a couple questions we commonly get about “what to expect at your hair and makeup trial.”

1. Anything particular for me to wear, not wear, or bring to the trial?

Wear something comfortable, the process can take anywhere from 90 mins to 2 hours. Don’t wear anything you can not remove that has a hood if doing a hair trial. I like to do as complete of a trial run as possible so if you are planning to wear a veil, hair extensions or pretty hair accessories bring them along! 

2. What is important for you to know on trial day? 

I always ask ahead of time about allergies and skin issues, those two are really important in my selection of products and if I need to acquire something special I do not have. Bring photos of hair and makeup ideas you have, it is a great starting point for me to see what you like.
Overall your trial is a time for us to work out a look you love, it may not look exactly like your photos you bring in, but it will be a look styled to your hair and features.  As with hair, I do a complete run through on your makeup look, including airbrush and lashes, so it’s always nice to have something fun like a dinner date planned after! [We couldn’t agree more! Get some fun out of being all dolled up!]

Straight from the Expert Straight from the Expert |Make the Most of your Hair and Makeup Trial with Expert Anne Timss | Taylor'd Events Group

3. Should I expect my day-of look to be exactly like the trial?

The day-of styling always is a little faster, we have worked out all of the kinks [and made all those decisions!!] and I know the plan. Your hair and makeup will look the same if not a little better, after a trial I study my notes and think of a few tweaks to make it even better- like any recipe you do the first time the second time is even better!

Thanks Anne for all of your expert Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial answers!

One final pro-tip [from me]! 

Be sure to book your makeup artist early, especially if you are getting married on a prime date [Saturdays in the Summer, here in Seattle]. Don’t forget about your trial and attempt to “fit it sometime this week.” Makeup artists’ schedules book up fast, especially during the busy wedding season [especially awesome ones like, Anne!].

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Wedding Wire Couples Choice 2015

For the 6th year in a row, we have won this prestigous honor from Wedding Wire!

Taylor'd Events Group Wedding Wire's Couple Choice Award winner 2015

Taylor’d Events Group Named 2015 Wedding Industry Expert Award

Taylor'd Events Group Named 2015 Wedding Industry Expert Award


Thank you so much for all who voted in the Wedding Industry Expert Awards last month. We are honored to tell you we came in 1st in Seattle & Washington State for Most Popular Wedding Planner and Most Popular Destination Planner!