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Last, but not least, let’s talk a bit about Jen, our fearless leader. Jen started Taylor’d Events over 10 years ago. This little company has helped hundreds of couples over the years pull off one of the most meaningful days of their lives. Beyond just Jen was one of the Co-Founders of Wedding Network USA, a Founding Board Member of Weddings in Woodinville, a contributor to many national publications, and an amazing speaker traveling to conferences around the country. I am probably forgetting something in there (I have no idea if she sleeps, BTW). It’s hard to keep tabs on all the things she is up to. Just last week we were dreaming up a new conference — more on that to come.

Besides Wedding Planner Educator and her own couples. Jen is busy leading all of us here at Taylor’d Events. Madi, Ashley, Brittney and I [Hey! Alex here!] all agree that we wouldn’t be where we are today with Jen. She’s been the most open and honest boss lady. From letting us into her business and allowing us to all take our own small piece of ownership in Taylor’d Events to sharing her guidance, connections, and smarts. We are beyond thankful for you, Jen.

Why am I telling you all of this? Jen has always been active in helping the wedding industry, providing guidance, and helping many professionals in the area build their businesses. She has limited the number of couples she is taking and is focusing on launching her newest adventure, Wedding Planner Educator and The Taylor’d Plan. We couldn’t be more proud or supportive of her. Knowing all the guidance she has provided us… there are other wedding planners out there that deserve to grow their business and reach new heights. Those new heights are exactly what she has provided to us.

Jen’s current couples all share her love of destination weddings. You’ll see gorgeous weddings coming from our couples heading over to Maui or some of Jen’s favorite PNW destination venues. We aren’t complaining either, we love tagging along and helping these couples tie the knot somewhere meaningful.

All About Jen - Taylor'd Events Group -Wedding Planner Educator


All About Madi | Seattle Wedding Planner

Madi, our longest tenured Associate Planner has years of experience under her belt. She has been a part of our biggest and our smallest weddings at this point. Only a few years into her planning career and she already has private residence weddings, airplane hangars, downtown hotels, and destination weddings under her belt. So honored to have this gal on our team and couldn’t be more thrilled to tell you a bit more about her. 
Madi started out as an intern the same summer that Alex started with Taylor’d Events. Swapping back and forth between weddings with Jen and with Alex — we threw her right into the thick of things from the beginning. In fact, Madi’s first wedding with Alex was at the Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth, WA. Our way of “welcoming” Madi to the world of wedding planning was to send her to a tough venue and have her work a full wedding weekend. Let’s just say, she quickly learned that this job isn’t as glamorous as J-Lo makes it seem in The Wedding Planner
Lucky for us, all the challenges didn’t scare her away and Madi has been taking on weddings as part of the Taylor’d Events Team ever since. Madi has some serious passion for getting to know her couples. I am always utterly impressed by the littlest details she observes about her couples. She is always noting their likes and dislikes then weaving those into small surprises and perfect moments for her couples. Thanks for always inspiring me to make this experience special! Enough with the rambling… A little more about Madi below. 



The practical solution to your leftover Wedding Décor || HopeChest

HopeChest 2017 | Taylor'd Events | Seattle Wedding Planner | What to do with your leftover Wedding Decor?

We talked as a team and these two questions keep coming up::

HopeChest 2017 | Taylor'd Events | Seattle Wedding Planner | Where can I find used wedding decor?

Well friends, I’ve got the answer for you. The practical solution to your leftover Wedding Décor is HopeChest. We have been helping the lovely pros on the Hope Chest Committee for Get Hitched, Give Hope pull together for this event for the past two years. It’s one we really love being a part of because we know how much waste can come from a wedding day. Nothing breaks our heart more than throwing away perfectly useable items. The best part, in our opinion, is that 100% of the proceeds from this event go to The Dream Foundation.

Let’s also take a moment and talk about donations. Did you get married and you still have boxes of leftover wedding items collecting dust in your garage? We accept donations year-around! Shoot us an email and we will get you all connected with all the right people to donate your goods. Even better, those are a tax write-off people!

Hope Chest is just a Win-Win-Win-Win. Reduce your clutter, save some dollar bills, skip dumping these gently-loved items in the trash and save the environment, and finally great for your hearts because it’s ALL for charity.  

Who? What? Where? So happy you asked!

HopeChest 2017 | Taylor'd Events | Seattle Wedding Planner

The Fourth Annual Hope Chest Wedding Rummage Sale
Sunday, March 19th
AXIS Pioneer Square.

Doors open at
you can shop your hearts out until


What will you find there?


We are beyond thrilled to be a part of this local event that answers TWO frequently asked questions from our couples. Have more questions? Shoot us an email! Comment below!

Behind the Scenes with Ashley!

I am so excited to introduce one of Taylor’d Events Group exciting new Associate Wedding Planner – ASHLEY! Let me tell you a little story about the first wedding Ashley did with me [Hi everyone! Alex here.]

I asked Ashley to help me with an epic wedding. Let me set the stage — three days, an airplane hangar, multiple events, 350 guests, 30+ vendors for the wedding day alone. She was going to be my right-hand gal on our team of four for that weekend. After a full Friday, a crazy, insane 18 hour day on Saturday, we still needed to load out on Sunday. Ashley showed back up at the hangar 6 hours after we left, and we looked at the piles all over the hangar of the final things that needed to be *stuffed* into the car and was EXCITED about all the work in front of us.

That’s right my friends, I put her in a crazy laughable situation and she was ready to make things happen.

That is just one of many reasons why you want her to be your planner. Be sure to check back for her full bio on our website shortly!

Behind the Scenes with Ashley! Taylor'd Events Group exciting new Associate Wedding Planner

There are so many of you over there! Who would be my planner?| Behind the Scenes


Taylor'd Events Group | Wait, Who is my Planner?

We are a team of 5. Yup… 5 of us over here working away on wedding after wedding.  [Pardon the fact that the only photo we have of us all together is from Drunken Pixel Photobooth. We promise to get some new professional photos post-wedding season!] During wedding season, with interns we expand beyond that and we couldn’t be more excited about our team growing, learning, and killing it for all our clients.

We do get a lot of questions though ::  Does Jen plan all the weddings? [Nope!] Does everyone work together on all the weddings [In a sense]. How many weddings do you do [Roughly 10 per planner… so we are coming just above 50 per year!]. How do I know who my planner is? [Well… let’s chat about that!]

Taylor'd Events Seattle & Destination Wedding Planners

Photo by Laura Marchbanks Photography (Missing Ashley!)

Picking your planner is an integral part of the planning process, and we couldn’t agree more that you have to “click” with that person. Not only are we super active in the planning process, but you see us a lot on your wedding day — We basically join the family, so make sure we aren’t the cousin everyone hopes RSVP’s that they will be late to Thanksgiving. As a team, we have developed some key things that hit the mark and make us think “Oh my gosh. We must be a part of this experience with these people.”

We all want::

To be a trusted member of our couple’s team  |  To take away the stress, both by getting thing DONE and/or cutting all the clutter that can make the planning process overwhelming  | Couples who want to be involved on some level and ENJOY some of these planning moments, as much as they enjoy their wedding day |  Couples who are creating a day that is unique and makes the guests say “that was so you two”  |  Couples who believe it is also incredibly important to take care of their guests

With all that being said, we all also have unique things that we love, challenges we get excited about, locations that make our heart jump 10 beats, problems that are near and dear to our hearts, strengths that call for a certain planner, and so on. When any couple approaches us, I [Alex] have an initial convo and recommends a planner on our team who would be the best fit.

Now, that isn’t to say that every couple is going to find the perfect fit on our team [OH MY GOSH! Did she just say that?!] This city, region, state is filled with some amazing planners. So no matter what, reach out. It doesn’t hurt to chat, and if nothing else we would love to give you a few names of who comes to mind as the perfect fit for you – on our team or in our area. We are beyond blessed to be surrounded by some serious talent. You’ll end up with a few planning tips, a time to chat with someone on our team… and if that doesn’t work for you the names of some other planners who are also killing it for their clients.

Can’t wait to chat!


What do you mean the wedding blog doesn’t write itself? | Behind the Scenes

Well Friends, I can’t say that we have had the best relationship thus far.  We have had “focus on the blog” written all over our goal list [more about goals later] for the past year or so, and yet, here we are trying to jump on in at the 11th hour. The best part is that I have re-written the “blog plan” or “blog calendar” at least 5 times. Planning is the same thing as writing the posts, right? Well, this blog will begin to tell the behind the scenes story.

So here we go- Meet (me) Alex, Senior Wedding Planner at Taylor’d Events Group, your friendly wedding blogger.

I am going to get serious about this whole blogging thing and we are going to chat more often. Since no one else on my team is that excited about writing, you are stuck with me. For now, I will leave you with something to let you get to know me  a bit better [outside of weddings] and can’t wait to share more about all my other team members in the coming weeks.

Seattle Wedding Planner Taylor'd Events Group Behind the Scenes Wedding Blog with Senior Wedding Planner Alex

Until next time,