Destination Tips – Travel

Her Packing List - Destination Travel Tips from Taylor'd Events GroupYou’ve decided you want to get away and have a destination wedding!  Whether it is just the two of you or inviting family and friends, you still have some planning to do.

In this series, we are going to break it out into 3 sections, planning, travel and wedding day.  So in part two, travel!   Here is a list of suggestions that should be to be done to make traveling smoother.

If you are traveling to some where exotic, make sure you are up to date on your immunizations or find out if you need new immunizations, you should talk to your doctor as soon as you decide where you are going.

Going out of the country make sure you get a passport if you don’t have one or your passport is up to date, this should be done at least 3 months before leaving. Also check to see if the country you are going to needs you to get a visa to get in.

Call your credit card company one(1) week before you leave to make sure they know you are heading out of town.  This will reduce the probability of them holding any transaction while you are at your destination.

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When scheduling your flight give yourself plenty of time between connecting flights if you have them.
Arrive at your destination at least 4 days before your wedding.
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Happy Planning!