Meet Jen

photo by Clane Gessel

Where were you born? Ft. Lewis, Washington, I was an Air Force brat born on an Army base.

Did you always want to be a wedding planner? No, I wanted to fly fighter jets, but then went to college to be a music teacher, and later fell in love with wedding planning. Not all who wander are lost.

What is your favorite glass of wine? I love a Malbec or Novelty Hill-Januik Rose (summer wine). Either one at the end of a hectic day will set my taste buds tingling.

What is your favorite sweet treat? Mint Frangos with a caveat. I like the Seattle version, not the Chicago version. You?

What is your guilty pleasure? Doing nothing. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I treasure every second.

What is something that you wish you could have right now? I am currently lusting over a 2015 Mercedes-Benz Station Wagon. It has plenty of space and it is classy and sophisticated – all things that I love in a car. And, those seat warmers are a girl’s best friends on a cold, rainy winter’s day.

What is your dream vacation? I’m always up for a month long trip to Maui – with a couple of days at the Grand Wailea or the Inn at Mama’s Fishhouse. I could just do that trip over and over and be happy about it. I love it there.

What are your dream venues or locations:  Cool ranches in Montana and Wyoming, Haiku Mills on Maui and a winery in Napa.

One piece of advice for every couple you meet: Set a weekend or two aside each month NOT to do wedding planning. Go out, and just enjoy being engaged!

To contact Jen either email or call 425-949-5950

Looking forward to meeting you! Congratulations on your engagement! 

Best wishes!
Jen Taylor

“Jennifer was really wonderful to work with! It was a tricky wedding -- navigating island ferries and holiday weekend logistics. Every detail, large and small, was taken care of and the whole weekend couldn't have gone any smoother. Jennifer and her staff were always pleasant, professional and a positive, helpful presence.”