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Your time is limited. It shouldn’t be wasted trying to figure out where to start, which vendors to choose, and how to keep to-do’s from falling through the cracks. Instead, it should be spent enjoying your engagement. Savoring time together. And creating memories from now to your wedding day. 

I call it an experience.

Some call it planning,

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With well-laid plans, we’ll confirm the final details are in place. And from there, you can hand over the reins. I'll take over your wedding day in the best way, so you don't have to stress or worry if things are done. Instead, you can enjoy the experience with your friends and family, knowing my team and I have everything covered and will handle anything that comes our way. All you’ll have left to do is celebrate.



After we’ve established your vision, I’ll create a custom tailored proposal to best suit your needs. Once we make it official, I'll research, narrow down the options, and present 2 or 3 "best-of-the-best" to bring that vision to life. Having been in this industry for two decades, I know which personalities, style, and offerings will pair best with any desired plans. So, you can trust that I'll only recommend the most reliable, responsible, and skilled vendors to deliver the best to you. 



You'll quickly find I'm as real as it gets, no fluff here - just a friendly, genuine, experienced professional who wants you to truly enjoy this experience. To do that, I believe in setting realistic expectations - which I do from the start. As soon as you inquire, we’ll set up a time to meet face-to-face or on Zoom. To best understand your vision, I’ll listen, learn what’s most important to you, and then discuss how I can make it happen. 



What you can expect

- Alexandria

Jennifer Taylor is by far the one to make sure everything is handled. Her communication is on point, checking off the items that need to happen and pushing when needed to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

“Her communication is on point.”

Why spin your wheels trying to figure it out alone or stress over bringing someone up to speed weeks before your wedding? When you can rely on a full-service experience custom-made for you.

not harder

Plan Smarter,

Every detail is carefully selected based on your personality, wedding aesthetic, and priorities. You'll receive full-service planning from start to finish including budget planning, vendor selections, and on-site logistics. Every last detail will be managed, so all you'll have to do is enjoy. 



You know what you want and need, but want a helping hand to guide you to the finish line. With wedding day management, you'll be included in all the day-to-day planning, but with an industry expert by your side. We'll cover preliminary budget development, confirm important vendor details, and everything else needed for me to take the reins for all on-site management. Leaving you to enjoy the celebration the way you deserve to - with friends & family.


You are a Master Planner—everything is labeled in a binder, but you really want to have a little birdy on your shoulder making sure you have done everything and you are not missing anything. That is where we come in! Let us sit down with you and go over what has been done, and where you feel you need help. We get to know you and what you and your fiancé(e) want in your wedding. We know this will help us both to create the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Day Management

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seamless experience?

REady for a

- Dan

Every step of the way they were prepared to deal with all the unknowns that occur when you're organizing an event of this magnitude. They'll take all of the nitty gritty off your plate and be there to manage all those unknowns and allow you to just enjoy your wedding day.

“The day went smoother than I could possibly have imagined.”