Wedding Planner, Event Designer, or Venue Coordinators – Part 1

There are so many titles- Wedding Planner, Event Designer, Venue Coordinators. Which one do I hire? Aren’t you all the same? I want a vendor, who does multiple so I can get the best bang for my budget, don’t I?

Titles can be confusing. Why should you hire one vendor or another? A wedding professional gives themselves a title to try and convey what they do, but it doesn’t always come across clearly. What are the responsibilities and talents of that vendor? Even worse, some wedding vendors really only want to and are talented in one area, but then add on other roles to convince you to hire them. Some wedding professional lumps multiple of these services together, even though they are only passionate about one service. When this occurs, brides tend to end up frustrated and do not receive the full service they would if they had hired separate vendors for each responsibility.

Wedding Planner, Event Designer, or Venue Coordinators? Taylor'd Events Group Wedding Vendor Type Series

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When we have the opportunity to meet with a potential client, we discuss the differences between planners, event designers, and venue coordinators. However, we know many clients never send the initial email because they believe they are getting a service from another vendor that they are not going to receive.

Wedding Planners—

We work tirelessly on planning and logistics. Some examples are vendor research, contract negotiation, budget tracking and timelines. We are there to think of all the little things and tie up all loose ends. We are your advocate. We are an unbiased opinion to educate you on all of the options and give you advice on what would be the best fit for you. You can rest assured that vendors recommended by your planner are at the top of their field. Why do I say this with so much confidence? We have spent endless hours developing relationships with these vendors. When we make a recommendation we are trusting a piece of our client’s most important day with them. We also WANT to work with. We know that they are going to do their job, go over the top, and work as a team member.

What your guests will rave about::

“Everything moved from one moment to the next seamlessly.”

“The bride said that she never had anything to worry about while planning. The planner was always one step ahead. Can you even imagine?”

“I never had to worry about what was coming next, because I knew the wedding planner would give us a 15 minute warning.”

Wedding & Event Designers –

A professional wedding designer spends endless hours finding inspiration, dreaming up new designs, and practicing their trade secrets to make sure that impossible vision can happen. A wedding designer works with you to identify your vision and bring it to life. Their world revolves around colors, lighting, floral, and magic tools to make things seemingly float in the air.  A designer takes your ideas and turns them into a polished experience from beginning to end. 

What your guests will rave about::


“How did she get that floral wreath to hang there?”

“That alter was breathtaking!”

Take a moment to scroll up again, and take a look at the rave sections for planner & designer. If there is one that stands out to you as more important than the other, than you should start reaching out to that particular vendor. If you want them both, then find one and the one will help you find the other.

Find someone who can do the design and the planning all in one package? Tomorrow we will dive a little bit deeper into the issue of why your planner and designer should be different people. Until tomorrow…

Have more questions? Give us a call! We would love to get together for a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or local brew!

Happy Planning,