Wedding Planner, Event Designer or Venue Coordinators – Part 2

There are so many titles- Wedding Planner, Event Designer, Venue Coordinators. Which one do I hire? Aren’t you all the same? I want a vendor, who does multiple so I can get the best bang for my budget, don’t I?

Why your planner and designer should be separate people::

Yes, we know many planners also offer designer services or designers offer planning services. However, they are probably already identifying that they prefer one title or another on their business card and by the content of their website. See that? This means that they are going to put more focus on one or the other.

They say they are going to do both? Wedding planning and wedding design services are both two very in-depth, labor intensive, and time-consuming services. Some companies offer both from separate people in their company. Great! Offering both as the same service is an injustice to the client. Not only are things going to get left out of both for the client throughout the planning process, but the day-of is really going to be affected.

If the same person is the designer and planner, no matter how many members they have on their team, they have two very different roles that they have to constantly be checking in on. Even if my (superb, amazing, splendid, cheerful… you pick) girls are all onsite and helping set out the last details, as the responsible vendor I am still going to need to step away from being available for the clients and guests to do one last check.  In the end, one or the other is going to not receive the attention it should. The worst part, is that the client may never know they type of service they should have received.

Taylor'd Events Group breaks down the difference between your Wedding Planner, Event Designer vs. Venue Coordinators in their Series on Wedding Vendor Types

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What should you planner be doing?

Your planner should be available for last minute questions, concerns, and requests from the family and vendors. The planner should be giving everyone updates on timing, 15 minute warnings when the next things is about to happen, and intimately aware of the next steps of the day and what each vendor is doing to bring that experience to life. Your planner should be present, TRULY PRESENT – smiling, calm, greeting grandma and aware of the next steps of the day.

What should the designer be doing?

Your designer should be focused on every last napkin, charger, flower, and linen. The designer makes sure that every detail is perfect and ready for the mother of the couple to sit down in that seat.

If you still are going to choose a vendor that sells a joint package, I truly hope I have brought light to some signs you should be on the watch for. Make sure to have an in-depth conversation with that planner about what is most important to you. If you are having nightmares about everyone walking down the aisle, you need to make it extra clear that is a fear. Otherwise, this might not get the extra attention you feel it should when the “planner” is worried about getting the last of the napkins perfect on the tables leaving you frustrated on your wedding day.

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