Wedding Planner, Event Designer or Venue Coordinators – Part 3

There are so many titles- Wedding Planner, Event Designer, Venue Coordinators. Which one do I hire? Aren’t you all the same? I want a vendor, who does multiple so I can get the best bang for my budget, don’t I?

Taylor'd Events Group breaks down the difference between your Wedding Planner, Event Designer vs. Venue Coordinators in their Series on Wedding Vendor Types

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Titles can be very confusing when it comes to the venue. This is probably one of the most confusing use of titles. The lovely person who tours you through the venue might hold one of many titles; wedding specialist, wedding coordinator, wedding manager, or something of the like. You loved them! You can’t wait to work with them on your wedding. However, if it is a big enough venue then that person normally only works with you through the sale and then hands off your file to another person on their team.

When they say there are there for the planning, they mean they are there for the planning related to the venue. They are NOT their to confirm other vendors, advise you on who walks down the aisle when, or brainstorm guest book ideas.  

Here is the point to never forget- The venue wants to make the sale. They probably won’t correct you when you assume that they are going to be doing all of these things for you on the day-of you wedding.

But someone is there the day-of, correct? In most cases, yes. 

A day-of venue coordinator is a fundamental part of ensuring that everything related to your venue and their staff runs smoothly and follows the requests outlined in their banquet event order. The venue coordinator is responsible for protecting the venue. They are responsible for contract negotiations related to the venue and informing you of venue rules and regulations.

One of the most frustrating situations a bride can be in is having been misinformed or making assumptions about what their venue coordinators responsibilities are. Venue coordinators, even if their title is wedding planner, will not fulfill the same responsibilities as a wedding planner.

They are not unbiased opinions. Among other duties, your venue coordinator will not handle budget tracking, attend vendor meetings, manage timelines, or assist with contract negotiations with other vendors. The venue coordinator might offer you vendor recommendations, but they are vendors that have worked at the venue previously, not necessarily vendors that fit your budget or personality.

What your day-of venue coordinator is responsible for::

Making sure that all items outlined in your banquet event order are carried out

Opening the doors and giving you access to all the spaces you have paid for

Giving your vendors access to load-in

Monitoring your timing

Protecting the venue by enforcing it’s rules and regulations

What your day-of venue coordinator is NOT responsible for ::

Confirming all of your vendors

Getting you down the aisle

Greeting family and friends

Moving your through formalities and keeping you on time

Making sure your vision comes to life

Being your advocate

Venue coordinators are greet resources and might help you out with some of the things they are not responsible for because they enjoy working with you. However, a large venue does anywhere from 50-100 weddings a year. Even if they wanted to, a venue coordinator doesn’t have the time to give you the same attention that a wedding planner does.

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