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When I am not planning weddings, I am usually out on an adventure with my soon-to-be hubby. Whether it’s a hike or a drive with our little pup Tazz. I also love to entertain and make a great big meal — game nights are our staple!


When I have a free weekend you will find me:
Heading outside (If Washington allows the sun to peak through) or at home getting my craft on –  drawing up some chalkboards, scrapbooking, or just doodling with my favorite glass of wine in hand.

Most memorable Wedding story:
I had a June couple that had serious visions of an outdoor ceremony! All day I watched the weather to see if the rainstorm would bypass Woodinville, even though there was torrential downpour all day long. The time to make the final decision rolls around and the weather said we had a 30-minute window of No Rain. The couple decided the ceremony would be outside. Half the wedding party was down the aisle when I notice some sprinkles. The Bride and I made eye contact and she says we are doing this rain or shine outside! That was that. They had a beautiful, yet slightly wet ceremony. Once they were Husband and Wife, my couple bounded towards me with an adorable grin –That was unforgettable. No one remembers the sunny weddings. We will never forget running through the rain!

Favorite Moment on the Wedding Day:
That fleeting moment before the bride walks down the aisle. Her nervous smile and sometimes tears. Such an emotional second in time. I feel incredibly honored to witness this special moment every time.

One suggestion on how to make planning memorable:
Take a moment and consider what you both enjoy doing together and work that into your planning process. Make a date night out of it and meet at your favorite restaurant, or just get out of the house to grab a cup of coffee. Wedding Planning isn’t supposed to be stressful or hard, it’s your wedding make it what you want!

Best moment you have ever had working as a wedding planner:
The relationships I build with my couples are my entire reason for being a wedding planner. By their wedding day the couple are no long just a couple to me. I think of them as friend, their families are so welcoming and I truly feel like a part of their event, which makes my job 100x more rewarding.

Dream Location or element you are dying for a couple to ask you to plan:
Let’s head to the snow! I can’t stop envisioning a Winter Wonderland Wedding. Snow all around would be stunning, wouldn’t it!?

One Piece of Advice for Every couple you meet:
Find what is most important to you and stick with it. Everything else will seem like minor detail once you are married.


Hello! I’m available by email or at 425.949.5950

Talk soon!

“I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Madi was for our wedding planner! The day of I was absolutely amazed! She handled EVERY detail going on. As the bride I never saw or heard of one flaw or mishap. I can’t thank Taylor’d Events enough and especially Madi for all her hard work! It’s because of you I got to enjoy my wedding day to its full extent! If I could give them 10 stars I would!”