Why A Destination Wedding and Why Maui?

I’ve compiled this resource guide with information on the different parts of the island, the rules and regulations of getting married in Maui, and finally, how to get a marriage certificate.   But let me give you a little back story on why I love doing destination weddings on Maui.

Let’s dive into the second question first because I deeply love Maui! My first trip to this enchanting island was when I was almost 13 years old, and it turned out to be the most memorable family vacation. We enjoyed the beach and pool, attended vibrant luaus, and relished the island’s magical ambiance.  If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen that this last trip I went on in April of 2024, I realized it was 40 years almost to the day of my first trip!   

Fast-forward to 2000, and I took my future husband to Maui, staying at the same charming condo. The island’s allure was unchanged, and my husband instantly loved it. Maui was his top suggestion for our wedding location. However, a Midwest to Maui wedding wasn’t feasible with a large family and his mother’s hesitation to fly.

Despite this, we chose Maui for our honeymoon in 2005, and it has since become our annual retreat. Maui’s charm lies in its diverse activities, from daytime adventures to lively nightlife in some areas, complemented by tranquil spots perfect for unwinding.

So, why should you consider Maui for your destination wedding? For starters, reaching from the West Coast is a breeze, with many direct flights from major airports. The island’s near-perfect weather sets the stage for a dreamy wedding. But what truly sets Maui apart are its diverse wedding venues. The options are endless, from historic sites to unique locations nestled near lava fields. And the best part? You can plan your wedding any day of the week, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

Choosing Maui for your destination wedding allows you to keep the guest list intimate and offers a unique advantage. Your honeymoon begins the moment you say ‘I do ‘. There’s no need to board another plane unless you’re eager to explore another island. You’re already in paradise, ready to embark on a lifetime of bliss together.



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