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What Do I Tip My Wedding Pros- - Taylor'd Events Group - Wedding Etiquette by Seattle Wedding Planner
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As a trusted resource and guide throughout the planning process, we are often the confidants that clients reach out to in those final days to ask about what is customary for tipping wedding professionals. After searching out as many resources as possible, we hope that the thoughts below will be a trusted resource for not only our couple’s but any couple’s getting married. Knowing who, how much and when to tip your wedding pros can be a tricky situation.

I have pulled together a list of expected and recommended vendors to tip, but let’s take a moment to remember the purpose of wedding tips. You should opt to give your vendors a tip because you felt you couldn’t have had your day be as perfect without them. Every vendor’s goal is to go above and beyond for their couples and make your day as smooth as possible.

What Do I Tip My Wedding Pros- - Taylor'd Events Group - Wedding Etiquette by Seattle Wedding Planner


Some Final Tipping Tips

  • Dig out all of those contracts and look through. Mark down anyone that has already included a gratuity in their contract. Better yet, if you are reading this early in the planning process, make notes in your planning files on who automatically includes the gratuity in their contract.
  • Guests never tip at a wedding. Check in with any vendors that would normally receive a tip such as the bartenders or wait staff, even the valet if you are providing valet services. Inform these vendors that you will be tipping them directly.
  • My suggestion is always to put the gratuities in sealed and labeled envelopes a few days before the wedding. If you are working with us, bring those envelopes to rehearsal and we will hand them out on the day-of the wedding. If you are reading this, and don’t have a coordinator ask a family member or friend to handle this task.

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